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  • Jiaming Center
  • Jiaming East Fourth Ring Road Creative Industrial Park
  • Jiaming Longyuan Commercial Office Building
  • Tianjin Binhai International Forest Estate
  • Nali Garden


On 15 December, 2017, all the honored guests of Jiaming gathered together in CHAMPLUS at Jiaming Center to participate in the 2018 Jiaming Client Appreciation Event.


We take a talent-oriented approach in managing human resources; attracting and nurturing multinational talent. With this pool of top talent, we grab each and every opportunity in developing projects, pooling and running global resources. We strongly believe in wisdom as the main driving force in the management of our tangible and intangible assets.

Shaping the culture and values of sustainable development remains our primary mission, one that we persist and pursue. By employing expertise and relations in a wide range of domains, we proactively popularize and practice the following ideas: constructing environmentally friendly buildings, maintaining continuous operation of property management companies, ensuring health and security, promoting culture, art, and philanthropy. We believe all this would help people adapt to a community or a city in an increasingly harmonious and friendly manner.