“Now You Are Able to Create” 2018 Jiaming Client Appreciation Event was held in Jiaming Center
“Now You Are Able to Create” 2018 Jiaming Client Appreciation Event was held in Jiaming Center

On 15 December, 2017, all the honored guests of Jiaming gathered together in CHAMPLUS at Jiaming Center to participate in the 2018 Jiaming Client Appreciation Event.


Slightly different from the events in previous years, this year’s event officially introduced the idea of “communitization” to the public under our theme of “Now, you are able to create”. All the retail clients of Jiaming made concerted efforts to contribute something new and unique to the event. The venue, catering, flowers, decorations and entertainment facilities were all provided by Jiaming’s retail partners. At the same time, to make the reception more interesting, Jiaming invited the renowned French Fashion Institute ESMOD to make an innovative attempt to integrate architecture and fashion to stage a fantastic La Fete Sainte Catherine Hat Show. The appreciation event started in the delightful atmosphere created by Jiaming retail clients and ESMOD Beijing.


Mr. He Chunxing, Executive President of Jiaming Group, addressed an opening speech, in which he expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation from clients in the last few years and shared Jiaming’s future plan and strategies. Mr. He pointed out that Jiaming is committed to creating a better working environment for all the tenants. Therefore, we hope that clients could become friends with Jiaming and provid their suggestions to promote joint progress. Meanwhile, Jiaming is also willing to see enhanced partnership among customers for more creativity and cooperation.


After the opening speech, Mr. Wang Zupei, Director of Jiaming Asset Management Center, made a report about tactics were taken to improve tenant satisfaction in the past year, such as improving indoor air quality and optimizing inner space of building. Besides, Mr. Wang Zupei officially announced the launch of the “My Ideal Ofiice” painting event to create an ideal work space for all customers. This event aims at encouraging positive insights on architecture and lifestyles, and also would like to motivate more people to creatively change their work place and homes for the better.


Based on the theme of “Now, you are able to create”, the La Fete Sainte Catherine Hat Show pushed the event to a climax. More than 30 staff and students of ESMOD Beijing staged a fascinating mime with the hat designed and produced by them. Once the bell rang, the scene changed and the models would also put on new hats. Guests could come up to the stage to appreciate the costumes closely. When the scene changed again, everyone entered an interactive magic world. All the people were attracted by the beautiful designs and the interaction with models. The guests voted for the most creative designer by giving the flower to their favorite hat style.  


After the show, Jiaming proposed a toast for the beginning of a new year that is full of hope of progress. Guests enjoyed the delicious food and interesting activities provided by business clients and exchanged ideas on life and work in the past year. At the same time, guests also actively responded to the newly launched painting event and submitted their own work on the spot. It is believed that the event will open a new chapter for the cooperation and development of Jiaming and its partners in the year of 2018. Let’s join our hand in the New Year for progress and creativity.