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On December 28, 2016, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) publicly announced through official channel that Jiaming Maple Park in Beijing, China achieved platinum (the highest) certification under the LEED-CS (LEED for Core & Shell) Rating System. Such exciting news means that Jiaming Maple Park has passed the final review of the international regulators of LEED projects since it was granted the LEED-CS platinum pre-certification in 2015. Jiaming Maple Park is the first project granted the LEED 2009 CS platinum certification in Beijing. It’s also another certification granted to the projects invested by Jiaming after Jiaming Center achieved the LEED-CS gold certification and LEED-EB platinum certification.


LEED certification was developed and promoted by USGBC in 1998, aims to effectively reduce negative influences on the environment and residents in the building design, and standardizes a complete and correct concept of green buildings. LEED certification includes an evaluation system that is seen as the most mature and influential one among standards on environment protection assessment of buildings, green building assessment and sustainability of buildings in the world. The evaluation system comprehensively inspects buildings from categories like sustainable site locations, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, resources and materials, and indoor air quality to determine their influences on the environment. Moreover, the system gives a grade based on indicators of those categories and then divides buildings that passed the assessment into four levels (platinum, gold, silver and certified) based on the points to reflect how green those buildings are.


Jiaming Maple Park was given an excellent score of 85 points in the LEED-CS review and achieved the platinum certification, the highest in the system. According to USGBC, “LEED certification identifies Jiaming Maple Park as a showcase example of sustainable design and demonstrates your leadership in transforming the building industry.” This conclusion applauds the building design and the quality of Jiaming Maple Park in the most convincing way. Jiaming Maple Park is an intelligent building featured by low carbon, energy saving, ecological design and environment protection. Its energy consumption was cut by 22% thanks to energy-saving technologies and equipment such as the science-based design of the whole building, high efficiency and energy saving concepts applied in the electromechanical system, integrated application of high-performance building enclosures in the project, VAV (variable air volume) system, chilled water storage and LED lighting. Meanwhile, the project excels at sustainable development and ensuring comfort for users. The landscape garden adopts local drought-resistant plants, drip irrigation technologies and other water saving measures to reduce water consumption by 78%. Natural resources like the land, rain water and sunshine are made the best use of through the rainwater storage system, recycling treatment technologies of waste water and the solar water heating system. In addition, French windows and short depth of building provide abundant natural lighting for large office areas, making the rate of natural lighting to 86.9%. Over 99% of users can enjoy the garden view at their seats. Furthermore, the park is equipped with an intelligent smog control system and landscape platforms to provide the best working environment for users.


By December 2016, a total of 931 projects in China have achieved the LEED certification, covering an area of 34.62 million square meters and ranking first among LEED overseas projects. But only 6% of the platinum certification was granted to projects in China. Two projects of Jiaming Group were awarded the highest level of certification of LEED, which demonstrated the enterprise tenet of “thoughtfully build enduring culture and value for cities” and the satisfactory implementation of international building standards in China. We believe that Jiaming will continue to lead China’s building industry to follow the green and ecological trend, gain a foothold in the internationally recognized certification system and contribute more to integrating the environment of buildings and humanity ideas in China.



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On the evening of June 14th 2014 American time, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International held The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) award ceremony in Orlando, America. More than 2000 elites in the field of commercial estate operation and management witnessed Beijing Jiaming Center’s nomination of TOBY Award, the highest honor in the industry. Thus Jiaming becomes the first office building in China and even Asia to be honored with the TOBY nomination.

This was also the first time a Chinese or even Asian office building is nominated for the TOBY Award since its conception around 30 years ago. Among hundreds of office buildings that competed for the award, 8 projects (with building areas between 50,000 to 100,000 square meters) received the nomination.

The nomination of Jiaming Center not only represented the honor of the owners and operations and management team of Jiaming Center, but also that of all Chinese counterparts in the field of commercial real estate operations and management. It also enabled international professionals to be aware of the outstanding operations and management capabilities of the Chinese commercial real estate.

BOMA International TOBY Awards is also known as the “Oscar” awards of international commercial real estate operation and management industry. Every year, more than 100 well-known office buildings from different countries would participate in competing for this award. World renowned buildings like the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, John Hancock Building, Chrysler Building, Bank of America Tower, Aon Center and Time Warner Center all won the TOBY award only once respectively. The TOBY Awards would be announced annually at the end of June at the BOMA International meeting, where more than 5000 professionals in the commercial real estate operations and management field around the world gather.

After receiving the Certificate of Excellence (COE) of BOMA China, the team at Jiaming Center was determined to compete for the TOBY Awards presented by BOMA International and succeeded in receiving the TOBY Award annual nomination for 2013-2014. One of the requirements for the qualification of the award competition is that the project must first acquire COE.

How did Jiaming Center get COE from BOMA China? As early as October, 2012, the operation and management team of Jiaming Center began to improve its management-related operation and management files and management procedure with the reference to the Guide to Developing a Standard Operation Procedure manual. Under the guidance of the manual and the assistance of BOMA China, the operation and management team of Jiaming Center has improved operation and management ability by means of preparing for and passing the evaluation as well as improving operation management system. On October 20th, 2013, two of BOMA International’s senior experts of commercial real estate operation and management with 30-year experience undertook field evaluation, believing that Jiaming Center’s operation and management standard matched with the international standard. Thus BOMA China finally granted Jiaming Center COE.

On the evening of June 24th 2014, the 25-people delegation of BOMA China with over 2000 other colleagues from the field witnessed the TOBY Award Ceremony and Jiaming Center’s winning of the first nomination of TOBY award in China.


According to the official website of U.S Green Building Council (USGBC), the international regulator of the Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project, Jiaming Center in Beijing has passed the LEED-EB O&M Platinum Certification, which is the top accreditation of the industry. Up till now, there are only three projects in China (including Jiaming Center) that have passed LEED-EB Platinum certification.

Completed in 2011, Jiaming Center has already received the LEED CS Golden certification. At the end of 2013, it became the first building in China who has gained 5 Certificates of Excellence from BOMA China and it will represent China to attend the TOBY Awards ceremony held by BOMA International in Orlando, America this June.

LEED-EB certification, established by USGBC, focuses on the evaluation of the operation and maintenance phase. Its goal is to optimize operational efficiency of buildings, and at the same time minimize its negative influence on the environment. Because the certification of LEED-EB is based on building operation and management practice, buildings that have gained the accreditation would be more sustainable than others. In the greater context of sustainability, the environmental impact of buildings is more obvious in the operational phase. Thus it’s more essential to pay special attention to this phase. Besides, improvements made during this phase can bring interests that are feasible, specific and quantifiable.

LEED-EB covers the main parts of building operation and maintenance, which exerts a huge influence on tenants in the building and the environment. The following aspects are some examples:

• energy efficiency

• water usage efficiency

• mechanical systems performance

• whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues including chemical use

• indoor air quality

• alternative transportation options for building occupants

• recycling programs and facilities

• exterior maintenance programs

• green purchasing practices  

• management of toxic substances

• systems upgrades to meet green building energy, water, IAQ, and lighting performance standards

In order to obtain platinum certification, buildings must get at least 80 points (100 points in total), which is not easy. Up till June 4th 2014, there have been 46 business buildings in China that had submitted certification applications to USGBC. The following is the temporary list on its official website:

• Platinum   3

• Gold   18

• Sliver    4

• Certified    2

• In progress  19


After more than a year of hard work, Jiaming Center qualified for the BOMA Certificate of Excellence on October 30th 2013; after a two-day audit. This qualification also means that the Jiaming Center team is the first Chinese company to obtain Certificate of Excellence in office building operation management since BOMA entered China.


On October 28th and 29th 2013, BOMA International’s former Chairman Joe Markling and BOMA Canadian former chairman Wendy Cardell assessed the operational management capability of Jiaming’s team from the following five aspects: management in operating buildings, energy management, environmental management, marketing &communication as well as training. The five criteria served as standards of BOMA Certificate of Excellence of office building.


After two days’ of auditing relevant documents, visits to the project and assessment of management personnel professionalism, the two experts confirmed and recognized the excellent performance of the Jiaming’s asset management team. Average score for the five certificates reached over 90 points. Jiaming Center was thus awarded five BOMA Certificates of Excellence (COE).


A press conference for the BOMA China COE accreditation was held at 15:00 on October 30th 2013 in meeting room 1 of the group’s office located on the 23rd floor, Tower A of Jiaming Center. About 15 media units participated in this activity, including: Bloomberg Businessweek, Business Week, Beijing Youth Daily, The Mirror, Modern Property Management, Hexun, Sina, Sohu Focus and SouFun, etc.


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