Public welfare activities
  • Jiaming always supports and invests in education. Over the years, we successively invested over 60 million Yuan of capital, equipment, infrastructure and so on to Chenjinglun High School, Tsinghua University Affiliated Primary School, and Pinggu Jinhai Lake International School to name a few. 

  • Donated over 10 million Yuan to Youth Fund, Beijing Changping, Pinggu Charity Association and other institutions.

  • Donated 3 million Yuan to Wenchuan Earthquake reconstruction project.

  • Our Corporate Charity Branch organizes regular staff donations to the less fortunate students in the Beijing Tibetan Middle School. Since January 2011, our staff makes monthly subventions to 10% of the poorest students every year; starting from first grade until they graduate. The Branch encourages staff members to continue supporting these students one on one when they’ve received admission to university.