Prepares the Stage for the General Public to Share Their Ideal Offices with Paintings
Prepares the Stage for the General Public to Share Their Ideal Offices with Paintings

On 21st September, 2018, “Build Future Growth Together” China-Power Technology Co., Ltd & Jiaming North Park Signing Ceremony was successfully held in Jiaming North Park. Leaders of China-Power Technology Co., Ltd, Jiaming Investment Co., Ltd and Jiaming North Park attended the Signing Ceremony. The Signing Ceremony is of great significance to both China-Power Technology and Jiaming, as it represents the start of the cooperation between the two corporations and the endless possibilities of the future development of the Beijing Olympic Green CBD.

Ms. Xu Chenxi, General Manager of Jiaming North Park project, chaired the Signing Cer-emony and invited leaders from both sides to deliver a speech. The leader of Jiaming In-vestment said, “the cooperation between the two corporations is possible because of two factors. First, the two sides are all professional and highly efficient; second, they have the same pursuit for high-quality services and products. Jiaming Investment has always been attaching great importance to the quality of building construction and operation, while Chi-na-Power Technology has never ceased its efforts in energy technology innovation. All Jiaming buildings are constructed and operated in a green and environmental-friendly manner with the installation of the latest ventilation system and PM2.5 filters. We are hon-ored to have China-Power Technology choosing Jiaming North Park as its new office. In the future, Jiaming Investment will spare no efforts to provide the best world first-class ser-vice to China-Power Technology. The Signing Ceremony is just the beginning of the coop-eration between the two sides. It is expected that the two sides will expand their coopera-tion to more areas in the future.”

The leader of China-Power technology said, “China-Power Technology and Jiaming In-vestment have shared corporate philosophy. Jiaming Investment has professional man-agement teams that are dedicated and professional, laying a solid foundation for the co-operation between the two sides. In the past 15 years, China-Power Technology has ex-panded from a small company with several dozens of employees and an annual output value of RMB 10 million to one of the Top 100 software giants in China with 2000 employ-ees and an annual output value of RMB 4 billion. We have every reason to believe that in the future, the cooperation between China-Power Technology and Jiaming Investment will create new value and generate new momentum for both corporations to join hands for win-win cooperation in a variety of areas.”

Under the witness of all guests, representatives of the two sides signed the agreement and left a group picture together. To express its wish and expectation, Jiaming Investment presents a gift to China-Power Technology on the Signing Ceremony. Leaders of the two sides cut the ribbon together with commitment and faith. Guests proposed a toast to the signing of the cooperation agreement and expressed their wishes to both sides.

China-Power Technology is a well-known company in the ICT industry in China. As the in-formation and telecommunication solution provider for State Grid, it is the leader in the de-velopment of modern information services. After ongoing progress of diversification and professionalization for two decades, Jiaming is entrusted with the mission of “thoughtfully build enduring culture and value for cities, through our intellectual capital and global re-sources” to construct and operate urban commercial real estate projects gearing at the highest international standard. Jiaming North Park is another high-quality real estate pro-ject of Jiaming. The building is designed by GMP, a leading architecture firm in Germany, while the landscape is designed by ALSA, an outstanding landscape designing firm in France. Jiaming Savills Property Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for property man-agement and operation, providing world-leading services with supreme quality.

China-Power Technology and Jiaming Investment all value tradition and pursue innova-tion. They all stick to the philosophy of intelligent, green and healthy development. It is be-lieved that in the future, Jiaming North Park will help China-Power Technology to achieve more progress and breakthrough in information technology by providing quality and com-fortable office environment. The cooperation between the two sides will usher in a bright future for the development of the Olympic Green CBD and technological innovation field.