Principles of cultivating talents

Inheriting the core values of “integrity, professionalism, global vision” Jiaming Investment, through its 24 years of stable development, has pooled like-minded employees and come up with its exclusive principles of cultivating talent.

At Jiaming, we respect the personality, viewpoints, and abilities of each employee in a bid to ensure unhindered communication.
Jiaming insists that all employees practice the strictest moral disciplines and work ethics. We trust our employees, appreciate and embrace the uniqueness of each member; maintaining variety while seeking harmony.
We require continuous and serious pursuit of professional knowledge from employees, and believe that increasingly improving expertise would bring more value to the society.
In Jiaming, we guide members to broaden their horizon on a global basis, leading them to be innovative in their work attitudes.
Employees are Jiaming’s vital assets. We insist on the constant pooling of global resources with HR capital so as to achieve sustainable development for the company. We believe that quality will create value. Likewise, the construction of classic works will win respect. We endeavor to distinguish ourselves as an excellent operator of the real estate market and fund management, meeting international standards.